Friday, January 29, 2010

What's her name? Moron?

Today is a sad, sad day that marks the end of an era. Stacy and I have been friends since Kindergarten (I think) and have pretty much done everything together that we possibly could. We had plenty of classes together throughout all of our school years, worked at the same places, lived together, we even managed to somehow start and finish our missions within a month of each other. (And thank heavens, or my stay in Bolivia would have been a LOT shorter. Knowing that she was "suffering" through the sames things I was is the only thing that kept me there my first 6 months or so.) When she got married to Taylor and moved out I thought our days of hanging out and talking, etc. were going to have to drop off considerably. False. We still talked on a regular basis, and Taylor probably wondered at times if he was married to both of us. Once I started dating Joe "seriously" Stacy and Taylor became our go-to couple to go on any sort of trip with. As time went on and Joe and I got closer to getting married I leaned even more on Stacy to help me make the transition into being a "responisble, married adult." We talk on the phone every day, send emails, and still get together on a fairly regular basis. UNTIL TODAY! Stacy and Taylor are leaving us and moving back home to Blanding. Somehow, Stacy and I have managed to live less than 20 minutes from each other 25 out of the 28 years we've been alive. I can't even comprehend such a loss! However, as sad as I am to lose them, I'm very excited for them to be able to achieve what they've always wanted (even if it means abandoning me.) So, since Stacy is one of the 5 people that read my blog: I love, and will miss your guts! Thank you for everything (and I do mean everything) you've done with, and for me. (Especially telling me that Tommy smelled like Mike's Hard Lemonade.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh, you know...

Just another day at the office.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How is it

That these two boys can make my whole day?

I dunno; but they sure do.