Saturday, October 30, 2010


Mario, "your mom", and Peter the cow.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh that Marti Jo...

I am a little disgusted with myself. My sister's birthday was a month ago and I am just doing her birthday post. I had very specific pictures I wanted to use for this and kept hoping they'd appear. BUT, a month later I still can't find them so I figure I'd better just move on with my life.

Marti is the oldest, and I'm the baby which means there's a 7 (I think) year gap between us but it's never stopped us from being great friends. Even when I was a little girl I wanted to go wherever she was going. Once I begged long enough for her to take me with her to the store that she caved and let me go, but for some reason didn't make me wear shoes...our car (and by car I mean the giant white cattle truck we drove) broke down and I remember walking home, groceries in hand, and barefoot. I kept telling her she had to carry me because it was her fault I wasn't wearing shoes. She never carried me, but I forgave her and we continued on as friends and have only gotten closer as we've gotten older. Marti Jo is a GOOD mama to her 4 kids, and I'm so proud of how hard she works to give her family a good home. She works so hard and sacrifices so much to make sure that all of her kids get all they need (even when they clearly don't understand or appreciate the sacrifices she's made.) She also has the softest heart, and is always making something, or cooking something for somebody. She's the first person to offer help to anyone that might need it.

Marti and I have been through a lot of happy and sad times together. She's one of the few people that I can call any time night or day (whether it's to share great news, or to cry my eyes out) and know that she'll always be there to listen to me. I'm so grateful to have her as a sister and a friend. Sure do love you Mardith Jo Bennett Winn!!! Happy (super late) Birthday!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Days of our lives...

Some days are just meant to be. Yesterday started out perfectly with the sound of my husband screaming a high pitched scream when I poured ice cold water on him while he was in the shower. Work went smoothly with no major disasters, and mutual was a success with none of my young women arguing or making something into some sort of absurd competition. Best of all, for dinner I had macaroni with tomato juice that I bottled myself (with the help of my mom and dad)and for dessert had rainbow sherbet. Yes, yesterday was one of those days that was just meant to be. Today? Today I somehow convinced myself that it was possible to keep sleeping after my alarm went off and just wait for Joe's alarm to wake me up. Then when Joe's alarm did go off (a half hour before I should be at work) I was able to convince myself that I could sleep until his snooze went off. Once I was completely awake I remembered that I had a client coming into the office at 8:00 a.m. With the help of my husband, I miraculously made it into the office by 8:04 a.m. only to discover that instead of one client waiting to meet with my attorney, I had two. One client was supposed to be here to prepare for his arbitration that started at 9:00 a.m. but I couldn't figure out why the other client was here. Well, turns out that my sweet client and her husband drove up from PROVO because the letter I mailed her regarding her mediation on October 19th, told her that she should come to the office TODAY to prepare for it. Really? Really. She pulled out the letter and showed me. Directly underneath the wrong information was my signature. I begged for forgiveness, got that situation solved and moved on to continue my work day. Next I had to hand write a few things for one of our clients. First time, I wrote it wrong. No big deal, I just started over. FOUR TIMES LATER, after making the same mistake each time, I finally got it right. It's barely noon. Can I get a re-do?