Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Kristin, with love...

This post is for my dear friend Kristin. It's basically a few random things about me that don't mean much to anybody.

I went on a first date with a boy that took me to Temple Square to make wishes in the fountain for each year of my life. (Making 25 wishes all together.) About an hour in to the date my only wish was to be home.

When I was 17 (and 40 pounds heavier) it was not uncommon for me to buy a box of donuts and eat the whole thing within an hour or so. I would then wash it down with 32 ounces of soda.

I have used the "Oh I must have bad reception" excuse to hang up on a boy, and never call back. (I know it sounds awful but a girl can only take so many awkward conversations before she snaps.)

I once threw buckets of rotten fruit at a neighbor girl that I didn't want to play with. (Ash knows who I'm talking about. J-j-j-junkson.)

One time I spent the afternoon telling my brand new mission companion awful scary stories about skin-walkers (wikipedia them if you're not familiar) and then waited until we had blown out our candles (no electricity at the time) and had gone to bed. I waited until I knew she was almost asleep, crawled silently across the floor, grabbed her shoulder and whispered her name. It worked, she was scared.

Every once in awhile I will rearrange things in an attorney's office at work. I've stacked chairs, moved books to different shelves, things like that. She is CONVINCED that they are hate crimes, and that someone is trying to "send her a message." I love it.

To Kristin, I love you, here's a post.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stevie Boy's big day!

Steven Kade Bennett has a birthday tomorrow, but I'll be on the road so I thought I'd better send some love tonight. My youngest memories with Steve aren't always the best (mostly I remember things like locking him downstairs when he would babysit me, or him chasing me with chairs and other heavy objects, or him giving me my one and only bloody nose) but as the years passed by and I was old enough to not be an embarrasment, we became good friends. I sure do love my Stevie Boy. He is so knowledgable about so many things and is my go to guy when it comes to purchasing anything that's used outdoors. He can always convince me to do ridiculous things like climbing multiple fences, and hiking dangerous hills with fishing poles in hand, only to go fly fishing in FREEZING COLD rivers with rushing water up to my waist. He's a good boy, that Sam. He's a great dad and has become quite a softie (which is a miracle of all miracles) with his babies and the rest of us too. Happy Birthday Viejito! You look more like dad every day! :)