Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph John!

Today is Joe's 32nd birthday. I thought it would be so easy to write a quick little post about how great Joe is, but I can't find the words to express how great he really is. There are just so many things I love about him, the best thing to do is probably make a list. A few things I love about Joe are:
1. How he has to google every new thing he hears about, or sees on TV.
2. How he tolerates my madness, and is always game for my last minute plans.
3. He wears bow ties to church 98% of the time.
4. How he FOUGHT getting a dog, then turned into a bigger dog lover than I am.
5. How diligent he is about paying all of our bills on time.(This is very helpful for me, as I am the COMPLETE opposite. Automatic withdrawals are my best friend.)
6. The fact that he uses words or phrases that only 80 year olds use.
7. How much he loves me. Ahh...sweet.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather and wasn't quite up to planning a birthday extravaganza; when I apologized to Joe for having a lame birthday planned all he said was "You feeling better is the best present I could have." Oooh, so cute, right? That's my Joe, always the nice one. I should take lessons. He really is the best, and deserves the best birthday ever. (Even if I didn't plan one for him.)

Happy birth moment Joseph! Love you! (If you don't watch the office, you won't get it.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Karma Mom's the birthday girl!

My mom celebrated a rather important birthday last Saturday, but I had some struggles with my blog posting, and then became deathly ill (which is an exaggeration but a very tragic story all the same) so this post is a little late. (I'm awfully sorry Mom.)

I believe I've mentioned this before, but Karm is basically just amazing. I don't know anyone I'd rather be like than my mom. She's who I call for basically anything I need, or to share a funny story with, or to call and complain about work, etc. One time I asked Joe if he worried what I'd be like when we get older and he said no, because I'm already basically my mom. If only that were true...(For the record, just because your mom was incredibly disciplined about housework and staying physically fit doesn't mean you will be. True story.)

My mom is truly just the best mom there is. I'm sure plenty of people say that but I'm totally serious. It just doesn't get better than Karma Jo.
Sure do love you mama, happy **th birthday!!!