Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yep, we're the people with our dog in the family photo.

Our friend Noelle took our pictures last week, and we're in love with them. (Just a little plug for her, she's very fairly priced, and super speedy with the turn around. Plus we LOVE her work. If you are in Utah/Salt Lake County, you should look her up.) As my subject line mentions, we had Peter be in a few of our pictures. Yes, I am aware he's not an actual child. Judge us all you want, he's adorable. For your viewing pleasure:

In other VERY exciting news, Joe got a new job. He's been very happy at IKEA, but is also very excited about his new position. He will be a senior accountant for Murray City starting next Tuesday. This will give him the opportunity to work with a CPA and get his required work hours to become one himself, which is something that he really wants. I'm so proud of him, and so grateful to have a husband that is constantly striving to do better things for our family. Plus, now he has a 5 minute drive to work every day. I think I see a Vespa in our future...

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  1. I HEART all of you and if anyone has anything negative to say about Peter being in these pictures...well...I'll CUT THEM! ;)
    Best looking family EVER!